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Indeed, my loved one, I was obliged to write a mass of words to you this time; but God himself knows that these young people, whom you sent and who came, found me in some pain.

For I was sick ... For all of thirty years to the day I was never sick like this oc-casion; and these young people who had come, I wished merely to proclaim the news to them, and by mouth send to you without letter.

However, my heart was grieved by the words of the brothers who are ill; be-cause of this I myself was oppressed, and in great pain have I written to you these ten sayings that I might comfort your heart my child. I myself suffered ... Know therefore that these words I heard in suffering, you too receive them in joy and confirmation; and you understand them.

(middle section mostly illegible)

congregation of the holy ones…

…envy and quarrelling…

Mani responds, saying that “by wounding one person, the offender has unwittingly wounded ‘the entire righteousness and godliness’

For there are people of this kind in church, who are not strong; rather they look for excuses and empty words.

Remember your first faith that you had in your youth: How I laboured in the congregations of the sects when there was yet no catechumens and no church.

You have become people made better by blessed poverty.

Now, since you have been bringing forth catechumens and churches – you pro-claimed and they listened to you – you are obliged the more now to perfect the blessings of this poverty, by which you will gain the victory over the sects and the world.

It is profitable for you to perfect it and be vigilant in it; because poverty is your glory, the crown of your victory.

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