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THE SWEET TEACHING OF THE SINLESS An Apocryphal Epistle to Mar Ammo, Ascribed to Mani.

...And if someone strikes you, do not strike him back.

And if someone hates you, do not hate him in return.

And if someone envies you, do not envy him for your part.

And if someone is angry with you, speak kindly with him always.

And do not do yourself what you detest in another person.

Rather, one should endure insults and other abuses from ones superiors, from ones equals and one`s subordinates; nobody can make the patient dènàvar (de-vout one) waver even slightly.

It is like someone throwing flowers at an elephant.

Or it is like raindrops falling upon a stone; the raindrops could not melt the stone.

Likewise, insults and abuses should not cause a patient denavar to waver even slightly.

There are times when the denavar should hold himself as high as Mount Su-meru.

And there are times when the denavar should appear as a pupil, and there are times when he should appear as a teacher or a servant or a lord.

Likewise, in this sinful time, the pure denavar should sit down in pious medi-tation (andesisn) and should turn away from sin and develop what is good ....

(a number of lines illegible)

And I, Mar Mani, am this sinless one (nàg) who is the writer and you, Mar Ammo, are the addressee. And he whose name is Akundag is Ahriman (the Devil).

I have spoken these words so that everyone who pay heed to them and listen to them attentively.

For everyone who hears and believes them and keep them in mind and serves through pious deeds shall find salvation from this cycle of rebirths, and shall be saved from his sins.

For I, Mar Mani, and you, Mar Ammo, and all those people of old as well as all those fortunate ones that are reborn in this time, and likewise those that shall be reborn in the future, shall be saved from this cycle of rebirth through this behavior and this humility.

For in this cycle of rebirths (this life) there is nothing good except for the merit accumulated by men of understanding and their pious deeds.

Those who follow me, Mar Mani, and put their hope in God Ohrmizd and want the pure and righteous elect to be their leaders, they are the ones that are saved and find salvation from this cycle of rebirths and attain eternal redemp-tion.

Here ends the sweet teaching about the sinless.

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