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the strong and the blessed to the Father of

the Light...

you find wealth from him, you leave poverty

by him.

from the beginning, with the first child when

this prison is arranged

(he) mixed the two images, on account of

the sway of the Wraths

all the souls wept, pillars... load-bearer

for the two souls, who... (?) with the

confusion (?).


possessions fell on the outside on the light


. . . of (?)... and sin of... (?) and... (?) the


on the outside, deceit fashioned it, and

closed that ...

... so that the light limbs ascend.

... are the shape... within the weaponed trap

... are..., that they are obedient to him

behold! ... you have suffered ... and pity

and there were vexations ...

they were found pitiful ...

and the Father with the light gods to the

greatness of the other gods

The living ... the other/second greatness ...

(he) granted wish to the child(ren) (and) to

the... oppressed

they are joined to the light god, Jesus the


with ease... with the Maiden of Light, the


... Jesus Splendor went to his own home

he put his own Aeons between...

the portion of light...

he put (it) in the land of the light, so that it

became... great when... (he)... the skies of the lands, the

zone and the creation he changed (himself) from one form to

another to save himself from these

the worldly great garment, the apparel he

put on and descended;

he shone on the brothers; he put in order

each load-bearer

Eve’s nature of death submerged from

each enemy

the Wrath (demons) tied up her and

disturbed Šaklūn’s offspring

obeisance moved the cloud of the lands

(and) made all water-channels

brothers redeemed from distress and

ascended the land...

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