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The Role of the Elect

Beloved members of the Ekklesia, I greet you all today with a message of unity, understanding, and enlightenment. Our discourse today revolves around the critical and profound role of the elect in the Ekklesia of Light

As we all know, the historical roots of our faith are deeply interwoven with ancient traditions. We belong to the Manichaean belief system, a doctrine established by our beloved Prophet, Mani, in the third century. Our practices, though evolved and adjusted to the landscapes of modern society, uphold the core values and tenets he laid out.

In our Ekklesia, as in any spiralling galaxy of faith and community, the elect serve as our shining stars. Their character and conduct shape and champion the virtues and ideologies we espouse. The term 'elect' implies a distinction, a unique calling to embody the essence of dualistic metaphysics, to curate the light in the vast and sometimes overwhelming darkness, and stride upon the path that coaxes harmony from the existential struggle between opposing forces.

The elect are not only leaders; they are also mirrors reflecting the truth of our creed. They capture the pure essence of the Light, absorbing and channelling it into our community, illuminating our spiritual landscape. Living in pure abstemiousness and devotion, they echo the noble facets of our faith — the elements of asceticism, compassion, and altruism.

Studying scripture, embracing meditation, and delving deep into the metaphysical complexities, they gain a profound wisdom and understanding that they, in turn, pass on to the Hearers. With this wisdom, they guide those of us on our journey, providing insight and elevating our understanding of the struggle, and inevitable unity, between the realms of Light and Dark.

In a world that increasingly pressures us to focus on material gain, the elect act as reminders of the dualistic nature of existence, pulling us back towards the balancing edge of spirituality. They aid us in recognizing the light within ourselves, and in bringing that light into the world.

Importantly, the elect, despite their elevated role, are not alien from us. Rather, they serve as exemplars, embodying what any member of our Ekklesia can achieve through devoted study, discipline, and the unveiling of essential truths. We are united in our shared pursuit of spiritual understanding and in our commitment to the Light.

Let us then honour and support our elect, paying heed to their teachings, as they guide us on our journey. At the same time, let us remember that each one of us carries a spark of that divine light. In recognizing this, we can help to spread brightness in our world, contributing to the grand cosmic mission of the Ekklesia.

May the Light guide us all, infusing us with wisdom, purity, and love for all creation. As we conclude this spiritual discourse, let us resonate with understanding, compassion, kindness, and most importantly, unity, as we navigate the path carved out by the luminous wisdom of Mani. May we all continue to strive for spiritual enlightenment, as individuals and as a collective, steadfast in our commitment to ascetic purity, altruistic love, and cosmic dualism.

For those who are interested in taking the vows of an Elect. Please contact us via email:

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