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The nature and purpose of the Elect

Greetings in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ and of the Blessed Prophet Mani!

Today I give you a message of the nature and purpose of those called to the Elect.

What is the nature of the Elect? In a word: Pure.

The Elect are meant to be those who free up the light from the material bondage to return to the Heavens (sometimes called Pleroma in Gnostic Texts). Let me say this: if you want to be an Elect. PRAY ABOUT IT. It's a very serious duty and once you are an Elect you are bound to your duties.

Peace Be Upon You!

-Priestess Lumos

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1 comentario

Paulo Cruz
Paulo Cruz
22 ene

I don't know, I think that, the elect can be allowed, to consume milk and dairy products, and pastries! Further they could be allowed, to sow and harvest! As such would be for their feeding! Besides all other dietary restrictions should be kept! It means no meat and eggs !

Me gusta
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