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The nature and purpose of Confession.

Greetings in the name of the Sovereign Savior Jesus Christ and of the Blessed Prophet Mani.

Why do hearers confess in the presence of an Elect? This answer is multi-dimensional. The Book of James tells us: Confess thy sins to one another. Now this serves two purposes. 1) Confessing with someone else will help hold you accountable and 2) Confessing to an Elect is good because it is the Elect's duty to free up the light. By confessing to the Elect and letting them pray over the confession then you will be cleansed of that iniquity.

Let this show you two things 1) confession with another person is very important. Once the Elect have been reestablished then you will confess to the Elect again. 2) Spiritual truths have at least two layers. Physical and Mystical.

Peace be upon you and all the prophets. Amen.

-Mother Lumos.

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Paulo Cruz
Paulo Cruz

Good morning! Today, It's held the weekly fast! Whereupon the weekly confession is also held, to be according to the Xwastwanift! Let ever the Light be on! Upon the names of the Prophets!

By the Father, the Mother and of the Son!

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