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The Manichean Compendium, The comprehensive collection of Manichean scripture

I've finished the Compendium and it is now available to purchase as a paperback which is cheaper (around 34$ USD) and a Hardcover edition (around 89$ USD), the only real difference between the two is that the hardcover has higher quality paper and the art is all in color as opposed to black and white

If you arent aware of what I've been doing and dont know what I mean by "The Compendium" it's a compilation of all the Manichean texts I could find (except the kephalaia cuz copyright, dm me if you want a PDF of that tho) these books include

Details of how the modern church will work/function

A Manichean Catechism

A Theology dictionary and summary of the Manichean creation myth and the different names the different Manichean deities have across multiple languages (texts are from all over the place so its for ease of reading/comprehension essentially)

All fragments of the living gospel I could find (a what I think is a fairly complete, "he teaches the gospel aleph" as well as what I could find of the "18th or 19th discourse" and 2 ewangelong hymns which are thought to be from a version of the living gospel)

All fragments of The Treasure Of Life I could find

All different texts which are thought to potentially be the pragmateia

All fragments of the book of mysteries I could find

The Chinese Manichean text known as The Traite or "The Incomplete sutra of Manichaeism"

The Chinese Text known as "Styles of the teaching of Mani the Buddha of Light"

All fragments of Mani's epistles I could find (About 18) as well as 2 letters by Mar Sisin, and a variety of letters from other Manicheans

A version of The Book Of Giants I put together from the fragments of the Judaic and Manichean versions of The Book Of Giants

On The Origin Of His Body which details the early life of Mani

The Two Principles Of The Shabuhragan which contains many Manichean texts, some original to the Shabuhragan some not, The first section details more of Mani's life and death,

The second section details Cosmogony, and the last section details Eschatology

The account of the Fihrist by Al Nadim which details more on Mani's life as well as Manichean history and doctrine

Various Manichean Parables I found

The Acts Of Thomas which were known and preserves by Manicheans as well as the accompanying Psalms of Thomas

The Xiapu Manichean text which is a "modern Manichean text" imo it's very crude but the Manichean theme is there and you'll be able to see it after reading everything else

Psalms and prayers which are, Psalms to Jesus, Psalms of The Bema, Hymns by Mani himself, Parthian Hymns and Prayers, Other Manichean hymns, Elect prayers for confession, The hearer confessional "Khvastvanift" and the Chinese Manichean hymnal and lastly all the original and restored Manichean art I found

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