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the sinner [is] the prison [of] the bad

smelling and stinking offspring,

the poverty of the dead, and the dark place

of sleepers,

the treasure-house and store-house which

he made in/ through deception and


each dark (demon) Wrath, (he) exhausted

the flood of the sin,

formed in his store-house brick, clod and



whoever made himself for himself, so that

he ascends to them and finds rest

the store-house which he shows (from)

above: the offspring (were) primeval in the


the citizens and every town should strive for

this that they can do it.

about this fleshly layer, the store-house

which (he) made at first

the primeval ones told a fable and do not

know these last ones.

all the religions run (in) deceit and they go

astray from the righteousness

they do not distinguish the freed ones and

the bound in truth

it was rusty and dark, they run in a brutish

mannar in the land.

with Lust they were deceived as well with

trickery of the Wrath

they proclaim the name/world “flood,”

meaning the world is lost in the flood.

waterfall came (from) above, spring gushes

out (from) below

all religions are oppressed...

in the lands of Desire and...

they are separately divided...

because the Wraths are distributed and...

so that they did not lift up (their) heads from

the deep water (?) ...

they do not reach the ship, which rescues

the friends.

they howl and call out/shriek, they bite one

another like dogs.

they terrify one another and they got drunk

with deception

they made a friend of death; they left the

holy (pure) life.

in this dark abode, they seem to be very

peaceful at all times.

they sink and turn back, they ascend, they

descend and are reborn.

they put on many forms; they go astray from

offspring to offspring

they put on decay, the stinking and brutish


the dirty garment, which they put on again

and again.

the Wraths have command against the good

deed of the bishops.

they hate goodness and they have become

enemies of the truth.

they abandon the pure command and they

are not obedient of the gods.

they flow and run empty; they go naked out

of the land.

they turn back (their) nature from upon,

from the gathering of the saved.

they attain to the lower dark abyss, where

the demons are going.

[they become blind] and sightless; they do

not hear the divine commandment.

... (he) teaches and wakes the sleepers.

... dark, rusty and...

... and it is not fitting the Light Land

you, O the immortal Electi and the Hearer,

are happy about the hope(?)

with the... brought... the Father brought (it)

for the children

you obtain the divine body, garment and

great diadem

you will be having the same nature as the

gods like all the beneficents

you have been invited to the Light, to the

banquets and for the great meal

(and) in the great kingdom, where all the

Fathers are glad.

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