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The Footsteps of Light: A Devotional on Mar Sisin, the Manichaean Missionary


Mar Sisin exemplifies the benevolent missionary, a beacon of Manichaean faith who walked the world sharing the wisdom of Prophet Mani's teachings. His life serves as a reminder of our spiritual potential to recognize and cultivate the Light within us.


As we commence this devotion, let's reflect on the life of Mar Sisin, a spiritual being who served as a distinct embodiment of the Manichaean faith. His missionary endeavors fronted the ripple effects of the propagation of Mani's teachings throughout time and space.

Those familiar with Manichaean teachings know the world is an intricate mix of Light and Darkness, the dualistic elements forming the crux of our existence. Mar Sisin, in his lifetime, managed to become the embodiment of this wisdom and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the promotion of Manichaeism.

Followers of Manichaean thought should contemplate Mar Sisin's unwavering dedication and tireless endeavors to spread Mani's teachings. He traveled extensively, stepping onto foreign soils with enthusiasm, introducing cultures to the luminous path of Mani. Each encounter, each patient explanation of the dualistic doctrine, led to minds awakening to the divine light within.

Mar Sisin also exemplifies the trait of embracing change and adaptation for the greater good. As he ventured into different cultural landscapes, he adapted the teachings to make them culturally relevant, ensuring the message of Mani resonated deeply with all diverse backgrounds.

His commitment, ardor, and resilience serve as an inspiration for us all. The legacy he left behind allows us to recognize the divine Light within us, a piece of the eternal realm in our worldly existence. Let us meditate on his ventures, on the Light he nurtured and spread across the world.


In the resolute footsteps of Mar Sisin, we find the motivational forces to propagate love, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment to all corners of the world. Let his tireless devotion to the teachings of Mani prompt us in our journey towards manifesting the Divine Light within us. Through this spiritual trek, may we too become beacons of light, just as Mar Sisin continues to illuminate our path.

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Michael Holford
Michael Holford
Dec 10, 2023

Thank you for sharing of the life of Mar Sisin. Memory eternal.

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