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The Creed of the Ekklesia

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

"I believe in the two eternal principles of Light and Darkness, respectively representing the spiritual and material worlds. I affirm the teachings of the Prophet Mani, our Illuminator, who showed us the path of redemption through Gnosis. I recognize the World of Light, ruled by the Father of Greatness and his Five Divine Emanations, as the ultimate source of all goodness and wisdom.

I affirm my faith in the dualism of Light and Darkness, reflecting the spiritual and material worlds. I recognize this eternal conflict as defined by our Prophet Mani, our luminous guide, depicting an ongoing cosmic battle between spiritual enlightenment and earthly confines.

In the realm of Deity, I acknowledge the Father of Greatness, the divine entity of the World of Light, as my spiritual fountainhead. His radiance emanates in the form of Five Divine Emanations. I also acknowledge the Prince of Darkness, ruler of the material world, and the eternal adversary of the Light.

I affirm my belief in Jesus Christ, the Luminous Prophet of God according to the teachings of Mani, He who exists in a state beyond the confines of earthly matter, encapsulating the spirit of divinity and enlightenment.

I believe in Jesus of Nazareth, who was an apostle and prophet who founded the church. He chose the holy church in four vehicles. One is all the holy brothers. The second is the pure sisters. The third is all the catechumens, the sons of the faith. The fourth is the catechumens, the sons and daughters of the light and truth. The crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth points us to the metaphysical reality of the suffering Jesus (Jesus Patibilis), which is the light suffering in matter, which is also called the cross of light.

Simultaneously, I recognize the existence of Jesus the Splendour, who remained in the World of Light, providing wisdom and revelation, aiding the Father of Greatness in His eternal combat against the forces of darkness.

I acknowledge the role of Jesus the Luminous, the celestial embodiment of divine wisdom, who guides the souls of the enlightened against the hardships of the material world, leading them towards the ultimate salvation in the World of Light.

I revere Jesus as the Living Jesus, the immortal, spiritual representation of the divine Logos, his teachings illuminating the path of Gnosis, and serving as the beacon of salvation for the trapped light in the world of matter.

I confirm that Mani, as the Apostle of Jesus Christ, continues this divine legacy by professing the way of salvation through the enlightenment of the soul.

In this faith, I stand firm, embracing the teachings of Jesus within the Manichaean context, holding steadfast in my journey from the realm of Darkness towards the eternal Light.


In the vast expanse of the cosmos, we, followers of the Manichaean faith, decree our understanding of the universe's fundamental essence, principles, and dynamics.

1. We believe in the dualistic nature of reality, dividing it into the realms of Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, respectively. The Light resonates within the profound love, wisdom, benevolence, and creation, encapsulating beings of infinite spirit and purity. The Darkness manifests lust, greed, chaos, ignorance, and destruction, housing entities of materialism and decay.

2. We affirm that our cosmos originated from an initial interaction between these two realms, with the Light realm under the dominion of the Father of Greatness and the Darkness, led by the King of Darkness.

3. We stand in conviction that the first grand cosmic clash led to the inevitable mingling and entanglement of Light and Darkness, heralding an era of cosmic conflict and material creation, and marking the birth of our physical universe.

4. We believe that the creation of the material world is not an end in itself, but an essential stage in the cosmic war between Light and Darkness.

5. We hold the notion that the Living Spirit, an emanation of the Father of Greatness, aided in the liberation of the Light, initiating the creation of the cosmos.

6. We espouse that the Celestial Man, another emanation of the Father of Greatness, engaged in an epic cosmic battle with Darkness, although partially succumbing to it, became the source of Light Matter in our cosmos.

7. We observe the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars as cosmic bodies intimately involved in the collection and purification of Light matter swallowed by the Darkness, on an ongoing mission orchestrated by the Third Messenger of the Father of Greatness.

8. We welcome the Primal Man's fall into the Darkness as a necessary sacrifice, a divine paradox, where the light's seclusion within material forms is the key to its eventual liberation. 9. The Great Builder, also known as the World-Builder or the Fashioner of the Cosmos, is an entity from the realm of Light. He plays a critical role in designing a grand rescue plan to free the Light trapped in the Darkness. He is not as an act of pure creation, but as a part of a grand strategy to battle with the forces of Darkness and help the Light return to its true realm. This strategy involves creating the cosmos as a mechanism to extract and purify these particles of Light. The Great Builder directed the construction aspects of this cosmos, the universe functioning as a kind of grand refinery.

10. We venerate the appearance of various Messengers of Light, like Jesus, Buddha, and Mani - the apostle of our faith, who impart teachings that serve as the guiding light within the shadowy world, orchestrating the release of light.

11. We anticipate the consummation of the cosmic conflict with the final separation of Light and Darkness, an end-time event that will establish an eternal, incorruptible realm of pure Light and wisdom.

12. The Bolos (or the Pit) is a separate construction solely for the Prince of Darkness, the demons, and the powers of darkness. It is believed that some portions of light may end up trapped in the Bolos. However, this is not the intention of the Father.

In these tenets, we find our compass, our guide through the tumultuous cosmic ocean, and a beacon leading us to pursue wisdom, communion, and the maturing of the soul. We, the followers of the Manichaean faith, walk steadfastly on this path, devoted to the separation and liberation of Light from the entangling bindings of Darkness.


On the subject of Soteriology, I uphold the teachings of Mani, proposing a path to salvation through enlightenment and understanding, a Gnosis. I believe that through adherence to the Three Seals - virtuous speech, virtuous action, and virtuous thought, symbolised by the Seal of the Mouth, Seal of the Hands, and the Seal of the Bosom, I can liberate my soul, the particle of light within me, from the shackles of worldly matter.


In accepting Manichaean eschatology, I anticipate the end time when the Light finally triumphs over Darkness (There are three ages, or times, in which we currently live in the 2nd age). A 'call from above' will catalyse the purification, which is the all-consuming fire, and discharge of all captive light from the world of matter. The Prince of Darkness and his realm will be imprisoned in the Bolos, stripped of their power; the powers of Darkness will never again be able to pose any threat to the Aeon of Light.

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