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Sunday Homily 30/624

Dear brothers and sisters of the Light,

On this blessed Sunday, we gather to reflect on the teachings of Mar Mani, the apostle of Jesus the Christ, and to find strength in his words. As we journey through the epistle, let us open our hearts to the profound truths contained within, guiding us towards enlightenment and liberation.

Manichaios writes of the sufferings of both body and flesh, urging us to keep our spirits steadfast. In this world, our physical bodies endure pain and hardship, but our spirits must remain unwavering. This duality of suffering and steadfastness is central to our faith, as we strive to free the light trapped within us from the bonds of darkness.

Consider the garden, a symbol used by Mar Mani to illustrate a profound truth. If we find fruit within the garden, let it remind us of the light within the grain of wheat. This light shimmers with the essence of life, waiting to be liberated. When we harvest with care, we do more than gather sustenance; we destroy the bonds of darkness, freeing the light within.

The material world offers false promises, luring us away from the path of righteousness. Just as creation cannot bear fruit unless the light within it is freed, our souls cannot reach their full potential without liberation from material entanglements. This truth is like the mark of the king stamped on treasures, a symbol of divine authority and purpose.

Purity of heart is essential for the liberation of the light within. Mar Mani reminds us that even amidst suffering and entrapment, a pure heart can gather light and guide it towards salvation. Our limbs, struggling against darkness, seek this liberation, gathering strength from the divine to overcome the world's illusions.

As we endure persecutions for the sake of truth, let us remember that enlightenment comes through revelation and steadfast faith. Shame may befall those who fail the trials before them, but for the righteous, the garment of glory awaits—a symbol of purity and enlightenment. This glory is harvested from deeds of righteousness and devotion, guiding us toward salvation.

In our journey, we must nurture the living soul within us, protecting it from corruption and guiding it towards liberation. The beautiful ones who embody the divine light are examples for us, reminding us that the path of righteousness is the way to glory. However, if we stray from this path, we risk losing the light within us.

Manichaios speaks of the teachings of the Great Father, urging us to tend to our light nature. The light found in fruit, gourds, and seeds suffers in the pastures, tortured by the unjust. Yet, from the divine heavens, rainwater falls on these pastures of suffering, bringing hope and renewal. This cosmic cycle of suffering and liberation underscores the importance of remaining vigilant and faithful.

Darkness rises from the abyss, creating suffering, but those who forget the path are lost to it. We must remember the light within and nurture it, for judgment falls upon those who remain ignorant. The fault lies not in the body, but in the spirit. We must remind and guide each other, persevering in faith, for trials are the path to enlightenment.

Blessedness awaits the righteous, and peace be upon those who hear and believe this message. Just as the saints in the Realm of Light praise the King, may we, too, dwell in peace and joy, free from suffering and filled with divine light.

May the God of truth be upon you, guiding you in righteousness and love. Let us greet each other with a holy kiss, living well and remaining steadfast in the spirit of our Lord. Amen.

Peace be upon you all.

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