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Sophia In Manichaeism

This explanation should be fairly straightforward and short, Sophia, an important being in many other religions is in fact in Manichaeism. She is simply the Maiden of Light. The

Maiden of Light is responsible for maintaining good weather, IE thunderstorms, tornados, and any other natural disasters are dispelled by her. She is also one of the primary salvific Gods in Manichaeism, initially she showed her form to the forces of darkness to cause them to ejaculate and free a portion of the light as they lusted after her. She also protects souls at death and helps guide them through the salvific process respective to the person.    Since that leaves some open-ended questions on Reincarnation and other topics I’m sure I’ll write on many other topics when I have the opportunity.

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1 Comment

Mar Danyal
Mar Danyal
May 12

Beautiful and concise. Thank you, for enlightening us on the role of Sophia within Manichaeism. May her glorious name be praised. The Maiden of Light, may She protect us from calamities, our souls, and lead us to salvation!

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