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Reviving the Manichaean Ekklesia: The Path to Spiritual Wholeness

Dear brothers and sisters of the Light,

Today, I write to you on this auspicious occasion to commune in spirit and kindle the light of Manichaean message in our hearts. You may wonder, why? Why do we choose a path that seems divergent from the more mainstream expressions of faith? The answer lies in the intrinsic value Manichaeism holds, and the comprehensiveness of its teachings that embraces two primal forces – light and dark, good and evil, and seeks harmony in our life's journey.

Manichaeism, for those unfamiliar, was a faith propagated by our beloved prophet Mani who sought to harmonize the teachings of the then prevalent religions. Just like the sun illuminates the world after a dark night, Manichaeism can bring light into our lives amidst chaos and darkness.

Today, we strive to resurrect this practice and instill its principles in modern society, which so urgently seeks balance and understanding.

This brings us to our primary objective today: the task of church planting. We are not merely building structures; we are threading together communities of faith, love, and mutual understanding. Each new Manichaean ekklēsia is an island of tranquility in a turbulent ocean—a place where the dualistic nature of life can be understood, embraced, and thereby, gently eased. Each island becomes a beacon, whereby we can retrieve the shards of light and release it back its original place: The great Aeon of Light.

But how do we live as Manichaeans in today's world? It's simple. We live, recognizing the dualities within and around us, always choosing the side of light, of goodness. We acknowledge our challenges as simply being part of the spiritual growth and evolution process. Herein is the beauty of Manichaeism—it teaches us to accept the dichotomies of life without succumbing to despair or bitterness, viewing them as catalysts that push us towards the light.

When starting new churches, we are not merely constructing buildings. We are essentially sowing seeds of reciprocity, peace, and ethical ambivalence to encourage people to live a harmonious life, thus pushing the boundaries of Manichaean teachings further into society.

Our objective to recreate a living Manichaean ekklēsia today is to create a sanctuary where people can attune themselves to the teachings of Mani, to find peace amidst chaos, and finally, to defeat the darkness of the flesh and live life in Spirit and Truth.

The path of a Manichaean is not of isolation from the world but engagement within it, acknowledging the light and dark, while actively working towards illumination.

Remember, rebuilding the Manichaean ekklēsia today is not just an act of revival. It's a responsibility. It's fostering a space where people can find respite from the existential dilemmas of life, where they can layer their understanding of good and evil, and where they can find the strength to choose the light always.

I urge you, aspire to live a life steeped in Manichaeism. Seek the balance, acknowledge the dualities and find the harmony in these contrasts. Be the light in your own life and let that light inspire others around you. Together, we will recreate a thriving Manichaean ekklēsia for modern times, a haven for all in need of spiritual wholeness.

I bid you peace and enlightenment. Let our journey towards light begin now.

Now, more than ever before, is the time to restore the Ekklesia of Light. Not simply as an online community, but a living, breathing, and active faith. For those who are interested in helping us restore the Manichaean faith; then please contact us via email:

The fields are ripe for the harvest, yet the labourers are few. May the Light guide us all in Wisdom and Truth.


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