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Poverty and Holiness

Peace be upon you, in the name of our Holy Prophet, Mani.

Throughout the history of our holy faith, poverty has always been considered blessed. But why?

As the Blessed Savior said: "It is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter unto Heaven."

This verse has a few very important, implications. 1. Poverty is a necessary state for the Elect, who ascend to Heaven upon their physical death.

2. The rich shall not see heaven for their lives are built on materialism. Therefor it is necessary to not live in the extreme luxury of the rich.

Elon Musk will not see Heaven in this lifetime.

Bill Gates will not see Heaven in this lifetime.

The above examples were to demonstrate that in this scenario it is not about how "good" or "bad" you were but rather whether or not you indulge in Materialism.

En nombre del Padre y del Ijo y del Spirito Sancto, Amen.

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Paulo Cruz
Paulo Cruz
03 feb

Faith on this period of the Bema Fast, which began at Feb. 01st and will last to Mar. 02nd! While its main event is the Bema Day on Feb. 26th, when it is remembered the crucifixion of Mani The Seal of the Prophets, whose the body is dismembered after that, and its parts were placed on stakes at the gates of Ctesiphon, until his disciples gathered and buried after 4 days of infamous exposure ! Let ever the Light be on you! On The Names of the Prophets! By The Will of the God-Father, of the Mother and of the Son ! Good weekend!

Mi piace
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