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On Trauma

A common critique of Manichaeism I've personally seen is that "Manichaeism is just coping mechanism for trauma" and I am here to tell you quite simply why that's incorrect. The people who have said some of these things did use Manichaeism for this, yes, I'll admit, but that is the error of the individual not the religion. Manichaeism posits that the world is a battleground for light and darkness, as is my understanding. My perspective on this is that evil is caused by evil and good by good, good from the light in us and bad from the influence of evil originating from darkness. What am I getting at you may be asking? Manichaeism also posits that in the end times light will ultimately prevail over darkness. The entire religion is centered around the purification of light in preparation of that time. Now, if light ultimately prevails, it is not in our nature to succumb to the evils of the world, to trauma, perhaps we must endure it for a time yes, but ultimately we prevail. It is not in Manichean nature to succumb to darkness. To wallow in it and let it defeat you. Nay, quite the opposite, it is our job as Manicheans to OVERCOME the trauma, the evil, the terrible things we see. If light prevails in the end times, and we have light within us, why would we not triumph over evil? Do not despair as hard as it may be, trust me, I know how hard it can be. But ultimately, we will not succumb to dark, we will overcome it. Yours truly, O.M.

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Paulo Cruz
Paulo Cruz
Feb 11

Hi, my opinion is that, manicheism is simply based on the view, which is also shared somehow with christianity and buddhism, which say that, this world is an illusion, which leads to suffering!

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