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On "Negative" traits and emotions

In Kephalaia 86 our good Lord Mani is asked what causes a troubled mind, what causes unstable emotions. Mani gives a thorough answer which I shall sum up as, it is a result of the food you consume and allow to affect your state (meat for instance), your star signs and just generally forces of darkness. This can be evidenced well with mental illness which is often simply a result of chemical imbalances in the brain. Now, when it comes to these negative emotions, it is of my opinion that these “negative” traits can be conquered by our Light Mind. Our Light Mind is powerful enough that we may be able to turn these “negative” emotions into tools to further good deeds and teachings. For example, the “impatient” person is more likely to accomplish the task presented before them on account of them being “impatient.” Likewise, the stubborn individual is more likely to achieve what they set out to do, the stubborn individual will not concede. Yes, there can be negative sides to these traits, but when used in such a way as to turn them into a productive measure for good, they can truly be helpful. Yet another example of the Light conquering and defeating the darkness. My point is even your “negative” traits can still be used as a tool for the good. Treat yourself kindly my friends, Oscar Manzano

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