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How Mani is both The Paraclete and the Seal Of The Prophets

Updated: Jun 3

The Seal of Mani
Mani The Apostle of Jesus Christ

I’ll be expounding a concise record of how Mani is the Paraclete, as well as the seal of the prophets. Mani is referred to as the Paraclete by the teacher Baraies in “On The Origin Of His Body” yet I have seen confusion as to what exactly this means. Mani himself in Human form is not the Paraclete, rather, it is his mind, his Nous which is the Paraclete, as is his Heavenly Twin. These are truly what Mani means when he and his disciples say our Lord Mani is the Paraclete.

Mani is also known as The Maitreya, as promised by Buddha, fulfilling multiple prophecies from our previous prophets. As for how Mani is the seal of the prophets, we must first discuss why the previous prophets' religions were corrupted. The previous religions were corrupted because those prophets did not write their teachings in their own words, instead, it was left up to their disciples to carry on their teachings. This allowed room for corruption to infiltrate the Prophets’ true teachings.

Mani, on the other hand, wrote his teachings down, which have survived to today primarily in his Epistles and the Shabuhragan, we also have many other miscellaneous texts by the good Lord and his earliest disciples which assist in our understandings of the Lord Mani’s teachings. Mani is the seal of the prophets because we have his teaching written in his own pen, why would we need another prophet when Mani fulfilled not only the role of the Paraclete and the Maitreya, but also wrote his teachings?

There is no need for another prophet beyond Mani, seeing as he established the true teachings of the Father. Any “Prophet” beyond Mani is a spurious fraud. I hope this helps further all’s understanding of what it means for Mani to be the Paraclete and the seal of the Prophets. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

-Oscar M

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