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Midday Prayer

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Before reciting the Emanations Prayer: Stand facing the Sun during the day or facing the Moon at night (or north if you cannot see the sun or moon), wash hands, arms and face with clean water, using a container dedicated only to this purpose. Prayers can be recited both outdoors and indoors. With each stanza, the worshipper makes a full prostration to the ground.

Prayer of the Emanations

I worship and glorify the Great Father of the Lights with pure thought. With an innocent word, You are glorified and honoured: Blessed are You and Your majesty and Your Aeons. For in glory You have perfected their foundation. Your Power and Glory and Your Light and Word and Your Majesty and the Aeons of blessing and all Your counsel have been glorified. For you are God, the foundation of all grace and life and truth. I honour and glorify all gods, all the angels, all the splendours, all luminaries, all powers: these who are of the great and glorious Father, these that subsist in His Holiness, and in His Light a nourished, purified of all darkness and malignancy.

I honour and glorify the great powers, the enlightening angels, those who have come forth by their own wisdom, having subdued the darkness and its ruthless powers, which were prepared to fight against the sovereign of all; these are those who created the heavens and the earth and bound in them all the substance of contempt.

I adore and glorify the Son of Majesty, the Enlightening Mind, Christ King: he who came forth from the outer Aeons into the upper region, and from there to this lower creation, and who incomparably announced His wisdom and the ineffable mysteries to the people on earth, and who showed the whole universe the Way of Truth, and who gave this interpretation with all voices, and who distinguished Truth from lie and the Light from darkness and good from evil and the righteous from the wicked. From You every grace has been known to the universe, and life together with the Truth is being interpreted to every nation with all voices. He Himself became, for living souls, the Redeemer of the oppression of hostile bonds. I worship and glorify the Living God, virtuous and true: the one who with His own Power raised up all things, this upper and the lower region.

I honour and glorify the great luminaries, both the Sun and the Moon, and the virtuous powers within them: Which by wisdom overcome the enemies, and they enlighten the entire region, and govern all things, and judge the universe, and conduct the victorious souls to the great Aeon o f light.

I venerate and glorify the Five Great Lights: through which the whole universe came to exist and through which the heavens and the earth exist, for by participation in these power and beauty I venerate and glorify the Five Great Lights: through which the whole universe came to exist and through which the heavens and the earth exist, for by participation in these power and beauty.

I honour and glorify all the righteous: those who have escaped from all evil, those who have existed before, and now exist, and are coming into existence and are ready to come into existence because they have recognized Truth and all excellence; to the chaste and the steadfast so that all these whom I have honoured and glorified and invoked can assist me and bless me with favour and free me from all bonds, restriction and oppression and every reincarnation, and may provide me access to the great Aeon of Light, to which all the wise and upright in knowledge hope to.

(Recite in a low voice) Blessed is he who prays with this prayer often, and especially on the third day (Tuesday), asking with a pure heart and sincere speech for the forgiveness of the sins he commits. Amen

Midday prayer

In the wisdom and light of the Radiant Father, we come before you in this midday hour. We, your humble children, stand juxtaposed between the realms of light and darkness, in this world borne of both, seeking guidance.

Heavenly Father, Sun of the Brightest Light,

Your rays illuminate the path of righteousness,

Vanquishing the shadows that seek to lead us astray.

Mother of Life, breath of existence, guide us,

Help us discern truth from illusion,

Lead us to the Light and away from the darkness encircling our spirit.

We offer gratitude for the Light World beyond this existence,

A realm devoid of suffering, where Harmony and Love reign.

May we hold this vision close, as our beacon through the journey of life.

In this hour, under the gaze of the midday sun, we embrace your warmth.

The vibrancy of your divine energy courses through us,

Erases fear, instils courage and bolsters our resolve.

Bearer of Light, guide our actions,

Let us be agents of compassion, embodiments of your love,

Help us to nurture and heal, rather than harm.

Let your wisdom fill us, that we may discern right from wrong,

Illumine our hearts, that we may value love over hate,

Strengthen our spirits, that we may resist the darkness that tempts us.

We stand presently, halfway between dusk and dawn,

Guarded by the celestial luminaries, under the arch of your grandeur,

Looking towards a future of unity and peace.

In your infinite mercy, receive this prayer.

May it rise like incense, carried on the wings of the Light-Maiden,

Reaching your divine presence in the Above.

In the harmony of Light and Life, we pray, Midday sun, be our guide.

In all our deeds, thoughts, and words, may we reflect your eternal Light.


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