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Living as an Elect in a Meta-Modern Age

Dear brothers and sisters of the Light,

Today, I stand before you to speak about the challenging yet deeply rewarding path of living the life of a Manichaean Elect in our meta-modern age.

In this era of complexity, on one hand, we have advanced technology and access to knowledge, and on the other - we are faced with disillusionment and cynicism born from an over-abundance of information and a lack of clear moral guidance. The ancient path of the Manichaean, if properly understood and adjusted to our times, can help restore balance and provide a moral and ethical compass to navigate the chaos of our modern world.

First and foremost, it is essential to understand the fundamental Manichaean tenet — the eternal struggle between the forces of Light and Darkness, representing good and evil, respectively. As members of the Elect, we are called to stand firm in the face of Darkness, to actively seek out and liberate the trapped fragments of Light in our lives and in the world around us.

Living a Manichaean life in our times implies a ceaseless process of questioning, evaluating, and refining our actions and thoughts, striving to align them with the Light — the good, the benevolent, the loving, and the compassionate. We are called to be sowers of light in our interactions, conversations, and all our endeavours.

In our meta-modern age, we face a storm of thoughts, ideas, and information that, in excess, could drown out the voice of our heart and the primordial recognition of good and evil within. Living the life of an Elect, then, means employing discernment, choosing carefully what information we let shape our world-view, and what values we won't compromise on, no matter the external pressures.

Our diets, as Manichaean Elects, were traditionally vegetarian — symbolic of our respect for all life forms and our recognition of the divine Light contained within. In our current era, this carries an additional layer of relevance. In caring for the environment and recognizing our role in the stewardship of our Earth, our vegetarian lifestyle is also a commitment to sustainability and ecological mindfulness.

The Elect also performed many rituals to purify trapped Light and send it back to the world of Light. As meta-modern Manichaeans, we continue this practice not just in the literal sense, but also metaphorically by seeking to purify the Light within ourselves through reflection, prayer, mindfulness, compassion and leading an ethical life.

Transformative service is another element of our belief system. An Elect in this age must strive to alleviate suffering and contribute to the welfare of society. This service, in whichever form we render it, can act as a catalyst for releasing the trapped Light, by bringing goodness into the world.

We also acknowledge the fundamental interconnectedness, understanding that the Light trapped in all the created order is also the Light within us, and that our actions have an impact at a cosmic scale. As such, in this interconnected world, our actions carry even greater significance, influencing not just our local community, but humanity as a whole.

Remember my brothers and sisters, living as a Manichaean in this meta-modern age is not merely about worship and ritual, it is a commitment to a humble yet valiant journey, a conscious choice every day to embrace the good, and to strive, in all that we do, to illuminate the shadows of our world with the compassionate Light of understanding and love.

May we all be fortuitous in our journey of elevating light over darkness. May the Great Spirit of Light and Wisdom guide us in our path, every day.

In silence, in speech, in being, let us emanate the Light we hold within.


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