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Living as an Auditor in a Meta-modern age.

Beloved congregation, as auditors, we are positioned at the crossroads between the physical world and its digital reflection, navigating realms both tangible and intangible. Our work takes on a new level of profundity in this metamodern age, an epoch where we must reconcile opposing forces: the rational and the emotional, the subjective and the objective, the tangible and the abstract. Thus, our profession becomes a crucible wherein we forge Wisdom.

In our Manichaean beliefs, we acknowledge the dualistic existence of light and darkness, of the spiritual and the material. As auditors in a meta-modern age, we embody this distinction. Our task is to meticulously review accounts, drawn from the chaotic world of transactions. This task is our tangible reality. Yet, simultaneously, we are cast as beacons of trust, instilling confidence in stakeholders that financial statements fairly reflect a corporation's financial health – a role that seeks the light within the darkness.

Therefore, our profession reminds us of the ancient Manichaeans' calling: to consolidate fragments of light entrapped in a material world, the light of truth and transparency, and liberate it. We are dealing in measurements of an enterprise's material success, yet we are seeking to illuminate, to bring forth the fragments of truth obscured amongst the numbers and ledgers.

As auditors, we are exemplars of the metamodern disposition. Our work oscillates between the deterministic and the relative; we are asked to provide absolute assurance based on a sample, asked to fortify trust in a system intricately woven with human fallibility. How might we reconcile this paradox? Just as the metamodernist finds comfort in paradox, we too must embrace this inherent dichotomy. Let the oscillation between the two poles instigate growth and wisdom, rather than confusion.

It is critical additionally, that we continually hone our facility to adapt amidst waves of change. The metamodern age is characterised by incessant flux – rapid technological advancement, shifting regulatory environments, altering societal expectations. Just as the Manichaean embraces both light and darkness, we too must confront the volatile and the unchanging, the certainty and the ambiguity.

Embracing the Manichaean spirit, we become auditor-sages, whose enlightened work is more than tedious examination, but a contemplative process that distills altruistic meaning from a sea of numbers. We uphold truth, which is the ultimate light against all shades of darkness.

In understanding our task through the Manichaean lens, we are not just auditors of a corporation's accounts, but auditors of a paradigm, striving to bring balance into the metamodern age. Through our toil, we maintain our position as torchbearers of transparency, retain the resiliency required to adapt to ever-changing demands, and ultimately, contribute our share of light to an increasingly complex world.

Let us thus take pride in our work and live out our days with the understanding that our responsibilities, while challenging, have profound implications on shaping the trajectory of this metamodern age.

With our wisdom, our commitment, our integrity, we bring to bear the Manichaean virtues, creating a world that balances light and dark, continuously extracting the fragments of truth that light our collective way in these mercurial times.

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