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The truth and the secrets which I speak about--and the laying on of hands which is in my possession--not from men have I received it nor from fleshly creatures, not even from studies in the Scriptures.

But when my most blessed Father, who called me into his grace, beheld me, since he did not wish me and the rest who are in the world to perish, he felt compassion, so that he might extend his well-being to those prepared to be cho-sen by him from the sects.

Then, by his grace, he pulled me from the council of the many who do not rec-ognize the truth and revealed to me his secrets and those of his undefiled Fa-ther and of all the cosmos.

He disclosed to me how I was before the foundation of the world, and how the groundwork of all the works, both good and evil, was laid, and how everything of this aggregation was engendered according to its present boundaries and times.

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