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Father of Greatness

Who do Manicheans worship? Well he goes by many names.

The Father of Greatness

The Unknown Father


All souls emanated from him it was HE who made our souls.

HE wants to liberate our souls from the Material Plane of Darkness.

Mar Mani teaches us that through a life of prayer, abstinence, and devotion the Elect (with the help of the Hearers) can liberate the light from the Material Plane.

So please pray this for that very purpose:

Oh Lord. Oh, Father of Greatness.

Please we implore you, guide us to follow the ways you command us to follow.

Help us to attain your Gnosis, oh Holy One.

In the name of Zurvan, Jesus Christ, and the Paraclete Mar Mani, Ameen.

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2 Kommentare

Michael Holford
Michael Holford
21. Apr.


Gefällt mir

Paulo Cruz
Paulo Cruz
16. Apr.

Thank you for the post, that, you shared! Let ever the Father of Light be with you !

Gefällt mir
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