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He chose the tribe, [uniting] the entire country. He [established] their [lead-ers] so that they [may] [experience] godhead. Later on, he [took action] in or-der to [seize] the skhina, [representing divine presence], in order to seize [con-trol]. [They were] set free, [along with] her army. Finally, then, after having [gathered] the seed of Abraham, she [cast] them off.

They [endured] and they [suffered] the slavery and the humiliation of forced labor. So they departed from Egypt and passed through the field of the moun-tain of Sinai. There were great quantities of thistles growing in that place. Now, the thistle is called Sinai in the language of that place [due to its preva-lence]...

That is why that mountain had been named [Sinai], after the name of the thorn-tree with which the whole place is filled. [Following these events]... These Babylonians released [their hold]... and they [established their rule] in it. They seized the land of [Euphrates] and became kings in it...

[The details regarding the mention of Hebrew and Babylon]...

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