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Compline Prayer


In the hush of this sacred hour, we gather in the gentle night to seek the Eternal Light.

O First Father, the Root of All, guide us as stars guide the night travelers.

Confession and Absolution:

We are but fragments of the Light, lost in this realm of shadows,

Ever prone to succumb to the whispers of darkness.

We repent for all that has bound us further from Your radiant presence.

In Your vast compassion, forgive us, O Father, and reclaim the light within us.

Reading from the The Treasure of Life

"As the sun sets and the moon rises, so must the Light seek refuge in the hearts of the faithful.

The darkness of the world is deep and pervasive,

But fear not, for it will be vanquished.

A herald will come, anointing the faithful with knowledge,

As the Morning Star heralds the dawn."


Let us meditate upon the advent of knowledge, the Morning Star within us.

In this time of waiting, we cultivate the soil of our souls,

Preparing for the seed of spiritual awakening.

We gaze inward, to the horizon of our hearts,

Where the inner dawn approaches.

Prayer of Relinquishment:

Eternal Father, who art the Brightness in the dark,

We release into Your hands all that weighs upon us:

Our doubts, our fears, our earthly attachments.

May we be empty vessels, ready to be filled with Your divine Light.


For our brethren scattered like pearls across the world,

Whose whispers in the night unite with ours in a tapestry of prayer:

Illuminate their path, O Father of Greatness.

For those who walk in the valley of shadows, bereft of hope and succor:

Lead them towards the advent of peace and enlightenment.


As our compline draws to a close, the night's embrace lingers.

In the quietude of our retire, may we be enfolded in Your peace.

From the firmaments to the deepest roots of the earth,

Your Light shall prevail.


We rest now, in the assurance that within us stirs the advent of Light.

May the peace of the Silent Watcher be upon us,

And the echo of our prayers resonate until the coming of the dawn.

So be it, until we rise with the morning sun, renewed and resolute.

Go in peace, children of the Light, and anticipate with joy the full unfolding of the advent within.


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