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‘I, I give strength to my limbs; these whom I gather in’

You do not lack anything from the mysteries of the wisdom of God.

Much is … the wisdom that I have proclaimed to […], that which I have writ-ten for you in my holy books. You do not lack anything from the wisdom.

There is only this one thing: devote yourself to what is written you will love one another: the teachers will love the teachers, the wise ones, love the wise

ones, the bishops, love the bishops, the disciples, love the disciples, the broth-ers, love the brothers, also the sisters love the sisters; and you will all become children of a single undivided body.

Now, this is the way that you should behave, my loved ones, so that you will all possess this one love and one…; because this love is the seal of all your deeds.

For these bodies belong to you for a little while.

Therefore, man cannot remain without the seal of the love of his brotherhood and that of his redeemer.

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Hail to you all! Hail to Sehbagan(Roshan Pidar, Spenta Zindag Madar and Ohrmazd)and the prophet Zoroaster!

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