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A Sunday Homily: Concerning the Youth and the Adamas of Light.

The Youth and the Adamas of Light

Beloved Congregation of the Light, as we gather on this sacred Sunday, let us reflect upon the profound text Concerning the Youth and the Adamas of Light, which speaks of a Youth’s struggle in the depths of Hades, and the ultimate victory of Light over Darkness.

In the depths of despair, the Youth groaned and wept, feeling the weight of the abyss. Yet, in his cry, there was a plea for recognition from the Great Brightness, a call for help against the forces that rebelled and armed themselves for war.

The narrative unfolds with the Mighty One, hearing the Youth’s plea, sending forth the Adamas of Light, the Beacon of Blinding Light, which subdues the merciless hordes of the Darkness. This Envoy of Light descended into the Darkness, not with wrath, but with the purpose of salvation—to succor the Youth, to bind the forces of rebellion, and to break the chains of the oppressed.

This story is a metaphor for our own spiritual journey. We, too, may find ourselves in the pits of our personal Hades, where the rulers of Darkness seek to ensnare us. But let us remember that the Light is always ready to come to our aid; the envoy comes to awaken our soul, which strengthens and encourages us in times of despair. The envoy liberates us from the traps we find ourselves in, he unbinds us from our own shackles of despair, and leads us back to the Father, the Source of all Light, Truth, and Grace.

As the First Man, the soul, proclaims, we are not of the sons of the world to be caught in snares. We are Lamps of the Living Ones, and it is through awakening that the Light within us can be navigated past the traps and snares of the rulers. No matter how difficult life can get, we know that the Father of Greatness will always heed our cries of despair! For he is Perfect Love and Goodness, there is no Darkness in Him at all.

Comparing this psalm with the Hymn of the Pearl, we find a shared thematic core: the journey of the soul through adversity towards redemption and enlightenment.

The Hymn of the Pearl, a poetic masterpiece from the Acts of Thomas, tells the story of a prince sent on a mission to retrieve a pearl guarded by a serpent. During his quest, he falls into forgetfulness, seduced by the material world, until a letter from his royal parents reminds him of his purpose. This awakening propels him to complete his mission and return to his heavenly abode.

Both texts depict a descent into a realm of darkness and confusion, symbolizing the soul’s entanglement in the material world. The youth in the Manichaean psalm and the prince in the Hymn of the Pearl both face formidable adversaries—be they demons or the seductive powers of forgetfulness. Yet, in both narratives, the protagonists are not alone; they receive divine assistance to overcome their trials. In the psalm, it is the Adamas of light who descends to aid the youth, while in the Hymn of the Pearl, it is the letter from the King that serves as the catalyst for remembrance and action. Both are envoys carrying a message, which awakens our souls from forgetfulness.

The themes of memory and forgetfulness are central to both texts, reflecting a Gnostic view of the human condition. We are beings who share in the Divine Essence, and have forgotten our True Nature; it is through the act of remembrance, facilitated by a Divine Messenger, that we can return to our origin.

Furthermore, both texts emphasize the idea of liberation from bondage. The psalm speaks of breaking the necks of demons beneath the collar, while the Hymn of the Pearl describes the shedding of the prince’s dirty garments as he remembers his royal lineage and mission. This act of shedding symbolizes the soul’s release from the material fetters and its readiness to don the robe of glory, representing the attainment of spiritual knowledge and purity.

Both texts share a profound message of hope and liberation. They remind us that, though we may wander and forget, we are never forsaken. The Divine Light is always ready to guide us back to our true home: The glorious Kingdom of Light. As we reflect on these texts, let us find solace in their promise of redemption and the ultimate triumph of the Light over the Darkness. Moreover, may they provide us with hope and empowerment, especially when our lives suddenly descend into confusion and fear. Thus, may we walk confidently, knowing that the Father will send us aid in our time of trial, and, ultimately, guide us back to our eternal home.

I pray that today's homily will inspire us to face the week ahead with renewed strength and courage, knowing that we are never alone in our struggles. May the Father, Mother, and Adamas of Light be praised unto the ages of ages,



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