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A Manichaean Devotional for the Fourth Sunday in Advent

As the Fourth Sunday of Advent dawns, O Sons and Daughters of the Light, gather in the quiet stillness of the morning. The world slumbers in the heavy shroud of darkness, but within our hearts, a flame flickers—a herald of the Light to come.

In the name of the Great Father of Light and His Messenger Mani, we commence our devotional, reflecting on the eternal struggle between the Kingdoms of Light and Darkness, and on the promise of deliverance and salvation that the coming Light brings to the bound souls of the material world.

Reading from the Living Gospel:

"When the world was woven in a tapestry of Light and Darkness, the threads of our souls were intermingled with the fibers of the world. And thus, we wander, seeking the pure brilliance of our origin, yearning for the day of the great separation when Light shall return to Light, and Darkness shall fade into the void."


We reflect upon our journey through the seasons of our life. Just as the world anticipates the return of the sun after the longest night, we too anticipate the rebirth of the inner Light within our souls. We are called to remember our true nature, to nurture the divine spark bound within the clay of our beings, and to prepare for the spiritual awakening.

Act of Contrition:

In the sight of the Aeons and Powers of the Universe, we confess the times we have faltered, allowing the shadows to cloud our inner luminescence. In humility, we seek purification, to be cleansed of the taint of Darkness that clings to our thoughts and deeds. With contrite hearts, we strive to be worthy vessels of the Light.

Prayer of Petition:

"O Father of Greatness, hear the longing of Your children. As the days shorten and the night grows cold, let not our spirits falter in the face of encroaching shadows. Grant us strength to carry the torch of truth through the corridors of this tempestuous world, ever looking towards the dawn of Your promised day."

Commitment to the Light:

As we await the coming of the Light with joyous expectation, let us affirm our commitment to live as beacons of hope. Let us resolve to foster kindness, compassion, and wisdom, shunning the works of Darkness that seek to ensnare and destroy. Let us be diligent cultivators of the Light within, that it may shine forth and illuminate the path for all seekers of the Truth.


May the Father of Light bless our gathering, may His wisdom guide our steps, and may the peace of the eternal Light be upon us. As we partake in the sacred meal, sharing the fruits of the earth, let us remember the divine sustenance that feeds our immortal soul.

In the brightness of the coming dawn, let us go forth with renewed hope, keeping vigil for the Light that dispels all Darkness.


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