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A Homily on "The Letter to a Sick Catechumen"

In the Name of the Great and Unapproachable Light, I bring you words of encouragement as a fellow traveller on this arduous journey, swathed in spiritual conflict that we, as the chosen Elect, endeavour upon. The eternal struggle of light against darkness is intrinsic to our shared belief in our inherent dualistic world. The indwelling spirits of Light, entrapped in the material world, yearn for their primordial home in the realm of Light.

For those struggling with illnesses, I implore you with the serene promise of peace, I urge you to persist in your health of spirit even as your physical form falters. It is an undeniable truth that our transitory material bodies are subject to decay and ailments. We reside in the malign dominion of matter, the creation of the malevolent principalities and powers of darkness. Yet, be comforted by the knowledge that the Light within you is eternal and incorruptible. The shard of light within you is trapped within this mortal frame. However, this imprisonment is not a result of sin, but is the result of the scandalous love of the Father. For out of his infinite goodness, he sacrificed a portion of Himself in order that Darkness would be defeated.

You are a divine testament to our cause, a radiant vesicle of Light, continuing to shine even in the midst of corporeal turmoil. Your love remains steadfast, and in it, we find our strength, our beacon of hope in these murky waters of existence. Your deeds mirror the tranquillity inherent in your true nature, and you consistently store your spiritual treasures in the cosmos, rendering them unreachable to the moths of material decay or the thieves of spiritual corruption.

Rising above the material layer, your actions are akin to hoarding treasures in the sun and the moon, unreachable by any form of darkness. Your divine radiance permeates every corner of our reality. You are thus living the Manichaean ideal, and your life is a testament to the strength of the Light within us.

In the face of your persisting sickness, I implore you to stay strong in spirit and faith. The forces of darkness might afflict the shell of matter surrounding your divine spark, yet they are powerless against the inner Light. We all grieve when our loved ones fall ill, but it is important to stress that we must hold fast to the faith, which has revealed that no matter what happens to this fleshy prison; the divine spark within us all is untouchable. It is perfect; sinless, pure, and uncorrupted.

Indeed, we must be prepared for the unforeseen, much like the thief who might stealthily seek to violate our spiritual abode at any unpredictable hour. Remember, it is in our ceaseless fighting that we build the fortress of spirituality, brick by brick. Continue, therefore, to diligently weave your spiritual fabric, to strengthen your soul.

Dear brothers and sisters of the light, though the material world may falter, do not be dismayed. YOU are NOT of this corporeal realm; you are a being of Light temporarily enveloped in matter. Recall always that we are not designed for an earthly existence, but for a life transcendent in the realm of Light. These momentary flashes of suffering are but a single blink of the eye in the scope of eternity. Take heart in moments of despair, for despair is the tool of the Enemy, whilst hope and courage are found within, as our good Lord and saviour once said; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Hence, never lose hope, continue to strive to live a life of Spirit and Truth. My own condition is continuing to deteriorate, I understand your pain, whether is it is physical, emotional, or mental. We are all children of the light, members of the same body; when one suffers, the whole body of the Ekklesia suffers with you. We are called to carry one another's burdens. Furthermore, we are called to live a life of sacrifice, as Christ once said; there is nothing better a man can do than lay his life down for his friends. The Manichaean life is one of self-sacrifice, crucifying the flesh and its carnal desires in order that we die and allow Christ to live in us; as the great Apostle Paul once said: It is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me. This life is fleeting, to escape the cycles of rebirth we must deny the flesh and live a life following those spiritual giants who came before us; Mani, Paul, and Christ all suffered and were persecuted. Likewise, we, too, must suffer and face persecution. For those who follow Christ will be hated. For we are not of this world, we are from the Kingdom of Light. The powers of darkness will do everything to demotivate us and turn our faces away from the light. Yet, the battle is already won; it is but a matter of time before they will be entombed within the pit; they no longer have the power to threaten the aeon of light. Let us stand fast in the faith, fight the good fight of faith, and endure to the end. Knowing that we will one day be reunited with the Father in the Great Aeon of the Heavenly Lights.

As fellow soldiers in this spiritual warfare, our love, prayers, and thoughts are with you. We trust in the Great Light to restore your mortal vessel, while continuously refining your immortal spirit. So live in, with, and for God, a life dedicated to living a life of Spirit and Truth. Amen.

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Unknown member
Aug 21, 2023

Very deep encouragement is adressed to our souls, who are particles in this prison, to be striving to liberation. Let ever Roshan Pidar bless you, and give strength to the community!


Zachary Durocher
Zachary Durocher
Aug 10, 2023

Thank you.

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