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A Homily on the Letter of Secundinus to Augustine:

Dearly beloved brothers and sisters of the light, today we gather in the luminous presence of the Father of Greatness to reflect upon our dualistic existence in this world of light and darkness. May the Third Messenger guide our thoughts as we delve into the wisdom of our sacred texts.

The letter of Secundinus to Augustine stands as a bright lantern, placed by the truthful right hand upon our hearts' lampstand. Through its words, we are guided toward the divine understanding of the intertwining duties of gratitude, protection, and vigilance. The Father of Greatness, the timeless Aeon of Light, and the self-sacrifice of the Primal Man and his five sons are the fount of all blessings, their sacrifice ensured that Evil would eventually meet its demise, and are thus honoured as the wardens of all goodness. The Great Builder, we offer our praises for creating a universe that provides a way for all light to return to the Eternal Aeon of Light. We honour all the messengers sent throughout history who imparted the true gnosis to all nations, they are our guiding lanterns, which show us the path back into the way of peace. And especially we honour our beloved prophet and Paraclete, Mani, who has revealed everything we need to know to escape from the cycles of birth, death and rebirth. In their ineffable majesty, they stand as a bulwark shielding us from all malevolent forces. Secundinus praised their providence, thanked them for their protection, and acknowledged their power to keep away all forms of evil. His words remind us of our role, portraying each of us as a ‘lantern’. This lantern is not kindled by human hand, but placed in the lampstand of our hearts by the right hand of truth - the divine hand of God. It is our duty, then, to safeguard this precious inheritance, to ensure it remains unspoiled, unmarred by the thief of deceit and ignorance. Let us then heed the words of Mani, the Apostle of Light, who taught us to live a life of asceticism, renouncing the materials of this world, the products of the realm of Darkness. Through purification, prayer, and wisdom, we can foster this spark within us, unleashing its inherent light. For just as Jesus, a manifestation of the Light-Mind, liberated Himself from the bondage of matter through His passion, so too can we free our imprisoned particles of light. Through knowledge, virtue, contemplation and service, we engage in this divine struggle, the Spiritual War, wresting control from the dark forces. Know this also: Our final release comes not in this life but in the next. Enlightened by the teachings of the great Mani, let us strive every day to separate light from darkness, good from evil, spirit from matter. Like a farmer winnowing his crop, let us isolate the grains of light from the chaff of darkness. Never let despair cloud your radiant spirit, beloved brethren. As the gnostic Buddha preached, "All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world." Thus, let your thoughts always be of the Light, of wisdom, love, and purity.

Let us depart from this assembly with renewed faith in our purpose, acting as the warriors of light in this eternal battle between good and evil. May the Father of Greatness pepper your journey with divine light and wisdom. Through patience, perseverance, and purest love, may we all one day reunite in the Infinity of Light.

In the blessed name of Mani, we pray. Amen.

Secundinus, moved by divine charm, brings his gratefulness before the holy Triad - the ineffable Father, Jesus the Splendour, and the Holy Mother. Such gratitude calls us to carry forth an attitude of thankfulness in our hearts, towards the divine benefactors who ceaselessly provide all good things and ward off all that is evil. As followers of the divine Light, our every breath should be an echo of this gratitude, reverberating through the universe as a melody of thanks to the holy triad.

However, his words do not only carry forth gratitude— they bear a warning. There is evil awaiting to be unleashed, an evil not stemming from mundane strife and passion but a primordial malevolence, ready to strike. A lament awaits that soul who invites this evil! Consequently, we are exhorted to vigilance. Just as Augustine is likened to a lantern in the lampstand of truth, so too must each of us strive to be, guarding our hearts from the thief who seeks to despoil our spiritual treasures. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." This Word, dear brethren, is the essence of our divine knowledge and the torch in our journey toward the realms of light. It is the very manifestation of the Light-Mind, the immortal consciousness dispensed by the Living Spirit from the Kingdom of Light.

Yet, we live in a world divided, where the layers of darkness lay claim on our immortal souls, entrenched in the corporeal prisons of Matter. The Prince of Darkness and his legions sneak in the shadows, always in pursuit, striving to obscure our path towards the Father of Greatness.

Secundinus prays for Augustine's spiritual fortress to stand firm, built not upon the shifting sands of error but the immovable rock of knowledge. Brethren, consider your own hearts and minds. What foundations do you see? Are they established on the transient and unstable sands of the physical plane, or are they anchored on spiritual wisdom and knowledge? Your answer today determines whether your house will stand or collapse when assailed by spiritual challenges.

Secundinus invites us to shun the evil spirits that instil fear and treachery, leading souls astray from the path of salvation. In the battle between light and darkness, we find our allegiances not to temporal princes and powers but to the spiritual forces of the divine light. Our weapons are not of the flesh but of the spirit— faith, hope, love, wisdom, and humility— as we echo the apostle's words, fighting not against flesh and blood but against the rulers of darkness in high places. Our hearts, our home, is to be equivalent to a house built not upon shifting sands of error, but upon the firm rock of knowledge. Know that it is not human knowledge we rely on, but the divine wisdom implored through faith in Christ. We are called to stand steadfast, unwavering in the face of tempests, held firm by the foundation of our faith.

Secundinus, drawing wisdom from the letter of the Apostle Paul to the Ephesians, paints a vivid image of the spiritual battle each of us is waging. This is a battle not against blood and flesh, but against the principalities and powers of darkness, the spiritual forces of evil that make their habitation in the heavenly realms.

Dear brethren, the words of Secundinus may be ancient, but they resonate with timeless truths and wisdom. Let them be a reminder for us to cultivate gratitude, foster spiritual vigilance, and carry on the good fight against the forces of darkness. Then, indeed, we shall walk unscathed amidst the shadows and into the dazzling Aeon of Light, our heavenly abode. Hear this today, brothers and sisters: that our spiritual journey is not meandering along serene meadows, but it resembles a war waged against an invisible enemy armed to the teeth. An enemy who does not sleep, who constantly seeks to hinder our strides on the narrow path to salvation. Courageously take up your armour of faith today as individuals, as a community, bearing witness to the truth of the gospel. Maintain your vigilance, hold fast to your faith, and ensure the light bestowed upon you burns brightly in the face of darkness.

Fear not, for our Lord Jesus Christ has won the victory, and in Him, we are more than conquerors. Amen.

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