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A Homily on The Fundamental Epistle by Mani

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

In the name of the Father of the Heavenly Lights. Greetings and peace to you, our dear brothers and sisters.

Today, we delve into a profound topic, exploring the teachings of one of history's often misunderstood thinkers, Mani, and his stirring work, The Fundamental Epistle. Known as the founder of Manichaeism, Mani sought to synthesize the disparate strands of religious thought of his day, weaving together elements of Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, and more into a novel tapestry of faith.

The Fundamental Epistle by Mani is not merely a religious composition; it serves as a compass pointing us towards the journey of self, the duel of light and darkness within our souls, and how spirituality can aid us in manoeuvring through this labyrinth of existence.

At the heart of Mani's message is a focus on duality, the eternal battle between light and darkness, good and evil. He calls us to realize this dichotomy within us, a vivid struggle between our better angels and our warring demons. It’s a struggle each of us experiences daily, in our thoughts, words, and deeds.

On a more profound level, it represents the existential war between the inherent divinity within us and our earthly limitations.

Mani elucidates the manner in which light and dark are intertwined and how this inspires our spiritual struggle. He saw the universe as a macrocosm of this struggle, where light represents everything divine, pure, and holy, and darkness embodies what is material, unholy, and impure. Yet, we mustn't lose sight of the fact that it is within this tension that the opportunity for growth, transformation, and salvation arises.

It is crucial to highlight that Mani doesn't merely ask us to shun darkness outright. Instead, he invites us into a deeper spiritual realization: punctuated by a discernment that the path to enlightenment lies not in denying our darkness, but in acknowledging it and choosing to align ourselves with light consciously.

Despite being declared a heretic by some, Mani considered himself an apostle of Jesus Christ and endeavoured to understand and propagate the teachings of Christ in a manner that imbued them with a universal spirit. His perspective prompts us to ponder upon our divisive interpretations and challenges us to reclaim the essence of spirituality stripped of rigidity and imbued with love, equanimity, and universal brotherhood.

The Fundamental Epistle thus urges us to engage with our spirituality in a manner that is reflective, inclusive, and lifelong. It is a call to journey inward, to wrestle with our dual nature, and to seek enlightenment within the crucible of our human experience.

As we navigate the interplay of light and darkness within us, let us take inspiration from Mani's teachings. Let us strive to illuminate the dark corners of our souls with the flicker of understanding, compassion, kindness, and love. In so doing, may we align ourselves with the divine light, the highest essence of our being.

May the lessons from The Fundamental Epistle guide us on our journey towards illumination, wisdom, and unity, helping us acknowledge the divine light within ourselves and each being we encounter. Remember, it is in acknowledging both our light and dark, and choosing courageously each day which will preside, that we truly understand and embrace the teachings of Mani.

To conclude, let us endeavour to live in this spirit of openness, humility, and love as we continue to seek enlightenment and transformation through our understanding of the duality within us.

Through the grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, may his peace and grace abide in you all.


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