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A Homily on “How he will release the Five members of the Soul”

Beloved brothers and sisters, today we gather to meditate on a beautiful text of profound revelation, shedding light on our spiritual journey – how He, the Divine, will release the members of the soul, freeing us from the five members of sin, remaking us into the child of justice.

Each of us carries the divine Light within, held captive by the five members of sin. These represent ignorance, attachment, aversion, pride and clinging to physical life, which shroud our pure godly essence, creating a veil of illusion that separates us from our divine origin. Yet, fear not, as the text promises that the divine Light will unbind these chains.

As the text insightfully tells us, the divine force does not merely free the imprisoned Light; it transforms it, renewing it, forming and cleansing it into a new man – a child of justice. This imagery speaks profoundly of the transformative journey each soul has the opportunity to undertake, shaped by the Divine, to restore its pristine spiritual purity.

Simply put, this journey is not one of obliteration but of rebirth. From the ashes of our old selves, the Divine constructs us anew, infused with five great living members. These symbols – mind in love, thought in faith, insight in perfection, counsel in patience, and consideration in wisdom – are not mere virtues to adopt. They symbolize the spiritual potentials within us, the divine attributes we are called to awaken, representing the cosmic drama unfolding within each of us.

Let us delve deeper into these attributes: The Divine instills His "mind, which is in love," in us, a call for us to view our existence through the lens of divine love. He places "thought, which is faith," into our thoughts, beckoning us to believe in His plan for us.

He grants us "His insight, which is perfection," reminding us of our inherent divine perfection.

He confers His "counsel, which is patience," training us to face life's tribulations calmly. Moreover, He adorns us with "wisdom, which is His consideration," thereby inviting us to contemplate deeper and align our decisions with divine wisdom.

Loved ones, today's text invites us to visualize our spiritual transformation, initiated by the Divine, leading us from our bodily existence marked by sin to a divine existence marked by love, faith, perfection, patience, and wisdom.

As we progress, note that we are not abandoned in this journey. For in him, we find our nourisher, our strengthener – the divine Word adopting us, nourishing us by strengthening our spiritual constitution, providing us passage from the realm of sin to the realm of divine Light.

In conclusion, let our hearts find comfort and inspiration in this gracious process of transformation. A divine journey awaits each of us – an invitation from the mortal into the realm of the immortal, from the bondage of sin into the freedom of light and love, from the constraints of ignorance into the expanses of wisdom. In this promise, divine and compassionate, let us place our faith, patience, and love. Amen.

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