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A Call to the Believers and Seekers of the Light in Europe.

Dear Fellow Believers and Seekers of the True Light,

In the name of our Lord God and in the spirit of the revered teacher Mani, we extend our hands across the European lands, reaching out to those who yearn for knowledge and communion in the Light. The time has come to convene both online and in shared physical gatherings. Our mission is to organize study groups and house churches, uniting believers in their pursuit of spiritual growth.

Localizing Our Spiritual Gatherings

To accommodate the diverse time zones across our continent, we are committed to establishing localized online meeting times. This approach ensures that no member is hindered by earthly hours, allowing everyone to partake in the wisdom of the Manichaean tradition.

Establishing Real-Life Communities

Beyond the digital realm, our vision extends to creating physical sanctuaries of learning and worship. House churches will serve as beacons of Light, where we can collectively explore the profound mysteries of our faith.

A Call to Action

If the Light within you resonates with this call, we implore you to connect with us. Together, we can synchronize our efforts and lay the foundations for a robust network of Manichaean communities throughout Europe.

Let us walk this path as a united community. May the Father, Mother of Life, Jesus the Splendor, and the pure and perfect teachings of our beloved Prophet, Mani, guide our every step.

This is my prayer to the Father, the God of Truth, and His beloved Son, the Christ, and His Holy Spirit, and His light angels: That He will watch over you, keeping you healthy in body, joyful in heart, and rejoicing in soul and spirit throughout our earthly journey, free from any evil and temptation by the Lord of Darkness and his demons, and any sickness of the body.

In Service to the Light,


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