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This group will be the main platform for most of our communications. As many of you are already aware, Discord is not the place for a serious revival. If we are to make this happen; then it is imperative to move away from platforms that cause lax attitudes towards making the Ekklesia a true and living religion. Those of you who have decided to join our website have shown that there are people who take this faith seriously. Over the next months we will be starting a catechumen class. This is both for those looking to become an auditor and an Elect. The first course will be introductory; we will then continue to go deeper into the teachings revealed to us by Mani.

If anyone here has any skills in helping with administration, graphic design, writing, accounting, or any ideas please let us know. Right now there are three of us, who have been working tirelessly to make this revival possible. But the amount of work is monumental. If there is anything anyone could do to help us I'm continuing to develop the Ekklesia. Please leave a comment on this post.

Thank you for taking the time to reflect and respond to this call for action. The fields are ripe for the harvest, but the labourers are few....

Michael Holford
Zachary Durocher
Oscar Manzano
Jan Pašek


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