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Compline Prayer Lord of Light and Spirit, we humbly call upon your luminous presence. In the quiet twilight of our day, we invite your celestial energies to permeate through the veils of our earthly forms, the abode of our souls. We recognize the dualistic fabric of our existence, O Supreme Presence. The eternal struggle between outer Darkness and the inner Light, the very essence of the Manichaean ethos. Awaken the Divine Spark within us, O Lord of Light, to brighten our inner sanctum, dispelling the shadows of ignorance and despair. Invigorate our minds with the brilliance of understanding; let it outshine any confusion or doubt. Illuminate our hearts with the warmth of empathy; let it overspread any bitterness or hatred. O Father of Greatness, bless us with the wisdom to acknowledge the shadows within ourselves, and give us strength to shine your Light upon them. Let the Light, the life-giving elixir, sweep away the darkness of our souls, and help us to see the true essence of ourselves and all beings. As we lay down to rest, we seek refuge in your comforting embrace. Be our guiding star through the intricate cosmos of dreams. Guard our spirits from the drapes of darkness, keep our souls in the realm of Light. In the peaceful repose of sleep, O Lord, imbue us with unconditional love, truth, and enlightenment. As the stars twinkle in the night, let the Light within us twinkle in synergetic resonance, in unison with the cosmos. Upon dawn, awaken us rejuvenated, ready to radiate your luminous presence, to share your love and light with the world. In Light we seek, in Light we find our solace, let the gnosis revealed to us by our beloved Prophet Mani guide us always. In your name, we surrender ourselves to the harmony of Light and Darkness. Amen.

Oscar Manzano


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