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Evening Prayer Divine Light, the Mind of the Cosmos, beyond all Aeons and realms, As twilight descends and day gives way to night, I turn to Thee in reverence and invocation. Thou Who exists beyond the dualities of earthly domains, Infinite Knowledge, Boundless Wisdom, Unadulterated Love, It is in Your Splendour that our souls are enlightened. The darkness of the visible world creeps upon me, Yet in Your light, there is a trust unblemished, A harbour against the chaos of this existence. Guardian of the Luminous Realms, The Primal Man, I implore You to guide me in my spiritual combat, As I confront the Architect of Darkness, the Prince of Matter. May the demons of ignorance be vanquished, their illusions shattered, May I shed the garments of earthly bonding, To cloak myself in Your radiant wisdom. Seed of Light, grant me strength in this silent war, As the Archons and Aeons wage within and without, Let my soul ascend from shadow into the luminista unfettered. Breathe into me Your Sacred Pneuma, the essence of divinity, Purge me of the worldly desires, purify my thoughts, Bestow upon me the Gnosis, the key to Your Divine Kingdom. As the stars weave their silent tales across the cosmos, I remember, with love, those who walk this path alongside me, Oh Divine Light, guide us, protect us, embrace us. In the architecture of the cosmos, cycles of day and night, It is Your grand design that plays out, To You, the Source of it all, I offer my prayer tonight. Amen


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