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I have edited The Kephalaia, so it is easy to read for devotional purposes only. Hope you all enjoy the wealth of spiritual teachings, which are preserved in the Kephalaia! May the Father of Greatness, all His Glorious and Beautiful Emanations, gods, angels, and the Messengers, bless you!

Download PDF • 1.31MB

Warm greetings to all our new members! If you’re interested in joining a community, feel free to send me a direct message. We’re currently emphasizing church plants, study groups, and online meetings that align with your timezone.

To all our members: please pray for the Ekklesia, its members, and for the work ahead of us. If you would like to set up a church plant/study group, please contact me for further information.

Paulo Cruz
Michael Holford

If there are people living in the UK or the European Continent, please contact me. I want to set up weekly meetings, which coincide with the following timezones: GMT (UTC:0), CET (UTC:+1), EET (UTC+2), and FET/MSK (UTC+3). Once I get an overview of how many we are; I can then set in motion live meetings. Meeting regularly is a vital part of our practice, by doing so, we strengthen one another in the faith. The letter of Love from the Compendium reads; I, I give strength to my limbs; these whom I gather in’

You do not lack anything from the mysteries of the wisdom of God.

Much is … the wisdom that I have proclaimed to […], that which I have written for you in my holy books. You do not lack anything from the wisdom.

There is only this one thing: devote yourself to what is written you will…

Paulo Cruz

Was wondering what you thought about the Theosophical Society’s Gospel of Mani by Duncan Greene?

Is it worth seeking out?



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