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Manichaeism Today

he Manichaean Tradition:


Manichaeism Today

Manichaeism thrives as a vibrant, living faith, expanding with each passing day, far beyond a mere academic quest to revive ancient texts. A faith unpractised is a faith devoid of life. We are an Ekklesia, not a congregation lost in aimless wandering but one of purpose and direction.

What we believe in a nutshell:


In essence, our Manichaean faith holds these truths: We believe in the duality of Light and Darkness, Spirit and Matter, as two eternal principles. Our path, illuminated by the Prophet Mani, our beacon of enlightenment, leads us to redemption through Gnosis. We revere the World of Light, governed by the Father of Greatness, as the fountainhead of all that is good, true, and beautiful.


We acknowledge the current coexistence of Light and Darkness in a disordered blend, shaping the world as we know it. We recognize the epochs of existence: the Time before Mixture, the Present Time of Mixture, and the Future Time when Light and Darkness will once again be distinct. Our sacred mission is to hasten the end time, separating the Principles and returning the Light to its celestial abode.


Mani, the final prophet, bestowed upon us the Religion of Light, the ultimate faith destined to restore the Light. We view the cosmos as an arena of perpetual conflict between Light and Darkness. The World of Light, our spiritual sanctuary, is besieged by the Prince of Darkness, entangling light particles within the material realm, a cosmic calamity that birthed humanity. We embrace Mani’s guidance towards salvation via enlightenment.


Adhering to the Three Seals—virtuous speech, action, and thought—we strive to free our inner Light from material bondage. We await the day when Light vanquishes Darkness, purifying and liberating all ensnared light, leading to the ultimate defeat of the Prince of Darkness and the reuniting of our Light with the World of Light.


The ritual meal symbolizes our commitment to liberate Light from material confines, offered by the Hearers to the Elect, sustaining our spiritual journey. 

Hearers (Auditors), form the main body of the Ekklesia. We are the Church’s laity. However, we are by no means inferior to the Elect. Both offices of Elect and Auditor are dependent upon the other. It is a symbiotic relationship, which enables believers to, one day, ascend back to our Home, the Aeon of Light. Auditors, can eat meat, however, try and live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Eating a more vegetarian diet is both healthy for our bodies, but more importantly, for our souls. Just think of how industrial farming is causing so much suffering. Not only for us, but for all life, water, air, and earth. The cosmos is sacred to us because it contains the same shard of light, which we bear. 

Thus, we should strive to lessen our dependency on meat, and eat ethically, as our Messengers have directed us. Fasting is also important. We are expected to fast every Sunday. If we wish, we can fast with the Elect on Mondays too. However, do not rush into things. We can quickly lose steam if we drive far too fast in the beginning. I know this far too well myself. The most important aspect of our faith is changing our intentions. Slowly move away from harmful habits. Make small changes and create new routines. In time, our daily prayers, observances, and fasts will become second nature.


To bring all prodigal children back to the Father of the Heavenly Lights. We aim to spread the message, which awakens one to their true identity, which is a child from the Kingdom of Light. 


We are a universal church, which follows in the footsteps of our ancient teachers, we allow for syncretism as long as it fits within the incorruptible message unveiled through the teachings of the Saviour


We are an all inclusive community, nobody is turned away from fellowship. No matter who you are, the Father makes no distinction between his children. For in us is His image; the divine mystery of Multiplicity in Unity.


The Saviour came down from the realm of Light to awaken us to our true selves. Paul talks about the idea of crucifying the old self (ego) daily. For it is no longer I who lives, but it is the divine nature or Christ-nature that is within us all. The Kingdom of God is to be experienced now, for if we were to look for it in the skies, then the birds would precede us. If we are to look down into the depths of the oceans; then the fish will precede us. The Kingdom of God is within us and outside of us.  

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