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About Us

The Neo-Manichaean Tradition:

The Neo-Manichaean tradition derives its origins from the ancient faith of Manichaeism, which emerged during the 3rd century CE. Rooted in the teachings of the prophet Mani, Manichaeism sought to synthesize diverse religious and philosophical influences into a cohesive spiritual framework. Today, Neo-Manichaeanism represents an effort to resurrect and reinterpret these ancient teachings, adapting them to contemporary society while preserving their core principles.


Spiritual Principles

Dualistic Cosmology:

At the core of Neo-Manichaean belief lies the concept of dualistic cosmology, paralleling the eternal conflict between light and darkness. Neo-Manichaeans comprehend the universe as a battleground between divine forces of light and opposing forces of darkness, with each individual soul poised to make choices that impact the overall balance.


Divine Sparks and Redemption:

Neo-Manichaeanism posits that every human being possesses a divine spark, sourced from the ultimate divine realm. This divine essence lies entrapped within a physical body, bound to the material world. The redemption of these divine sparks is facilitated through acquiring gnosis or knowledge, enabling individuals to transcend the limitations of the material realm and reconnect with their true divine nature.


Ethical Living:

Neo-Manichaeanism places great emphasis on leading a virtuous and ethical life. Practitioners are encouraged to cultivate compassion, kindness, and a respectful relationship with all living beings. By adhering to ethical practices and living in harmony with the divine light, individuals contribute to the restoration of balance within the universe.


The restoration of a Neo-Manichaean church involves recovering and reinterpreting ancient wisdom, offering seekers of truth an alternative spiritual path. By embracing its dualistic cosmology, recognizing the divine sparks within, and adhering to ethical living, practitioners strive to restore balance and harmony in a world often plagued by darkness and suffering. The process of restoration requires constructing ritual practices, building a supportive community, and engaging in social outreach, underscoring the relevance and potential impact of Neo-Manichaeanism in the modern age. Through this restoration, the Neo-Manichaean church can serve as a beacon of light and wisdom, inspiring individuals to awaken their divine essence and contribute to the betterment of the world.


To bring all prodigal children back to the Father of the Heavenly Lights. We aim to spread the message, which awakens one to their true identity, which is a child from the Kingdom of Light. 


We are a universal church, which follows in the footsteps of our ancient teachers, we allow for syncretism as long as it fits within the incorruptible message unveiled through the teachings of the Saviour


We are an all inclusive community, nobody is turned away from fellowship. No matter who you are, the Father makes no distinction between his children. For in us is His image; the divine mystery of Multiplicity in Unity.


The Saviour came down from the realm of Light to awaken us to our true selves. Paul talks about the idea of crucifying the old self (ego) daily. For it is no longer I who lives, but it is the divine nature or Christ-nature that is within us all. The Kingdom of God is to be experienced now, for if we were to look for it in the skies, then the birds would precede us. If we are to look down into the depths of the oceans; then the fish will precede us. The Kingdom of God is within us and outside of us.  

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